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Birthday party at The High Lane Club - for members only-

"Summertime Swim Fun" only package that includes use of the pool.



"Summertime Swim Fun"

 Maximum of 12 non-members (both kids and adults) as swimmers and a maximum total of 30 attendees (both kids and adults)

 No more than 3 hours.


 Rain date option.


No Pool parties are allowed on Saturday and Sunday, as we reserve these days for our HLC Families.

$10.00 per each non-member swimmer, plus set up/clean up fee of $50 as needed. 

The cost of potential extra lifeguards is $25 per lifeguard.  Additional lifeguards will be determined by pool staff.



  Availability of your preferred date is not guaranteed.

Please call the office first to see if it is available. 

Call for more details at 203- 248-2203
or email