A neighborhood pool. tennis and social club
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High Lane Club Membership Information


Welcome to the High Lane Club!

We are a year round club with family, and adult activities scheduled during each month of the year!


Any further questions regarding membership, or if you have not received an application response, call us at 203-248-2203 or email   or Membership -Whitney Vitale: or Mark Enslein:

If you are interested in joining the club, click on the appropriate forms below AND send us an email at office@highlaneclub.com

to ensure we received your application. 

Online Membership Application

Online Applicant Recommendation Form

High Lane Club Membership Rates.*
   Couple with Family              $179.50 monthly/ $2,154 yearly
        Single with Family               $162.15 monthly/ $1,945.80 yearly
     Couple no Children                 $153.99 monthly/ $1,847.88 yearly
     Single no Children                   $137.77 monthly/ $1,653.24 yearly 
   Retired Couple                  $ 100 monthly/ $1,200 yearly 
     Retired Single                         $ 85.68 monthly/ $1,028.16 yearly 

*Rates are subject to change
 **  Membership dues will be due by noon on the 15th of each month.
Payments received after noon on the 15th will be subjected to a late fee of $25.00.

To cover unexpected, emergent costs, High Lane will charge a yearly assessment.