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Bathroom Breaks at Pool

The weather has been HOT and we are all happy that our pools are being enjoyed from open to close!  As the temperatures are expected to continue to rise, we just like to send an important reminder. Please encourage children to take “bathroom” breaks in both the Kid and Main pools.  We’d hate to close the pool(s) for cleaning during a HOT, HOT Day! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

If your family is enjoying the Kid Pool: Please remember: All kids who are not potty trained MUST be in Swim Diapers! No Exceptions! Fines of $150 will be imposed if “accidents” occur with no swim diapers.

At the Main pool: your Child must be 3 years old AND potty trained for at least 6 months to enter the Main pool! This rule is important as an “accident” ruins a day for our 200+ HLC Families!

Thanks for your cooperation!

HLC Board of Directors



Propane Tank

We do have a propane tank available for use when the pool is open. Please ask a lifeguard  to unlock the closet by the basketball court for access. You will be responsible for returning the tank in the “off” position by 8pm daily. Unfortunately, in past summers the “gas” was not consistently shut off and there was a lot of waste, hopefully this practice will ensure proper and safe use of the gas grill.

Any questions, let me know.

Antoinetta Carmody
House & Grounds