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Please review the following rules for HLC Duck Pin Bowling:


1.  No food or beverages are allowed in the alley at any time


2.  Clean, dry sneakers can be worn in place of bowling shoes, no flip flops, boots or high heels


3.  Bowling activity is to be supervised - There is to be one adult for every 4 to 6 children

·       There is to be one bowler on a lane at a time

·       A ball is not to be thrown until the previous ball has gone from sight (into the pit) and must not be thrown in the air

·       A ball is never to be thrown if a red light is on.  The red light means the pin setter is in cycle. The pin setter must complete the cycle, or damage to the machine can be incurred.

Constant care and maintenance of the bowling lanes is expensive.  Constantin is authorized by the board of governors to shut down the machines if in his judgment the present activity is detrimental and/or can cause damage to the machines or lanes.


Please be sure to advise your children of these important safety procedures. Anyone in violation of these rules will be asked to leave.


Serious offences may result in a fine.