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High Lane Club Pool Rules

The Board of Governors once again welcomes the membership to a fun-filled, safe pool season.

We would like everyone to enjoy our beautiful facilities and grounds in the safest possible manner.


Membership Conduct

Please be respectful of each other, the grounds and the High Lane staff. Our first priority will and always be safety.


You may not be on either pool deck without lifeguards on duty. You leave yourself and the club open to liability.

Lifeguards give all directives on the pool deck, please be respectful of their decisions.

Please be attentive to your children in the pool area. Parents are responsible for their child’s safety and well-being.

A parent must be in the water with the child wearing any swim assistive device. We encourage you to read the approved swim assistive device list suggested by the American Red Cross. 

The Kiddy pool is generally for families with children under age 8. Swim Diapers must always be worn in the kiddy pool.

Parents (or caretakers) MUST be on High Lane Club’s property if their children are under the age of twelve. If your child is unsupervised you will be called to pick them up.

Please clean up after yourself and your family when leaving the pool deck (towels, clothes, toys, etc).


As A Reminder:

Children must be 3 years old and no longer wearing any diapers for at least 6 months. Violation of this rule will result in a $100 fine.

  • No running on the pool decks.

  • No food (including ice cream, small snacks etc) on the main pool deck.

  • No glass bottles on the pool decks, grass areas, tennis areas etc.

  • Kids with floatation devices must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No tubes, noodles, barbells, etc these are only allowed in pool for lessons or with adult use in the lap lanes.

  • No sitting or standing on kickboards – they are only to be used for kicking in the lap lanes

  • No sitting or hanging on the lanes lines.

  • No jumping backwards off the wall.

  • No jumping over the stairs.

  • No sliding down the railing on the shallow end stairs.

  • No diving from the black line to the shallow end.

  • No jumping off the blocks.

  • No climbing onto the guard chairs.

  • Kids cannot go on each others shoulders.

  • Kids cannot pull each other under, push someone under, or hang on to them.

  • No pushing others in the pool.

  • No floating face down in the water (in the way that it looks like someone is drowning).

  • Stay out of the lane lines when there are lap swimmers.

  • No pulling on the flags.

  • No jumping on others.

  • Must wear a bathing suit (cannot go into the pool with normal clothes).

  • No cartwheels into the pool.


Diving Board Rules

  • One person on the diving board at a time.

  • No standing on the railings.

  • Must get on the diving board from the stairs and no where else.

  • No running on the board.

  • No hanging on the diving board from the pool.

  • No sitting on the diving board.

  • An individual cannot jump off until the previous person has reached the wall.

  • No playing or swimming in the diving well.

  • Kids cannot swim across the diving well.

  • Kids must jump straight off the board, not to the side of the board.

  • You are only allowed one bounce.

  • Must jump a safe distance away from the board (especially when doing a flip, etc).