A neighborhood pool. tennis and social club
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Unwrap the Gift of Memories this Holiday season!

Purchase a family membership today!


2022 Membership Promotion


A limited amount of new club memberships are now available.

Join with no initiation fee ($1100 savings)

during the months of:  November, December and January!


Still Undecided?

Join by February 15th pay February dues plus a $275 initiation

Join by March 15th pay March dues plus a $550 initiation

Join by April 15th pay April dues plus an $825 initiation


The standard initiation fee of $1100 will be charged on any new membership after May 15th.


Our best promoters are the members, for every new membership you sponsor, you will receive a ONE month credit on dues! Bring in 2 memberships receive TWO months credit on dues! (discount will be applied upon receipt of new members first payment or initiation fee.)


Application is available at www.highlaneclub.com. For further membership information please contact Whitney Vitale at


High Lane Club, 40 High Lane, North Haven, 203-248-2203