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Member Rules

High Lane Club is a family oriented, fun, casual year round club with many activities and events held each month. We expect all members to be respectful of each other, the grounds, and follow the rules established by the Board of Directors in the bylaws.  We would like everyone to enjoy our beautiful facilities and grounds in the safest possible manner. 

General Rules

  • Parents (or caregiver) MUST be on High Lane Club’s property if their children are under the age of twelve.

  • If your child is left unsupervised, you will be called to pick them up.

  • Please help to keep our grounds as clean as possible by picking up after yourself and your family throughout your visit and before you leave for the day.

  • Please make sure the office has your current home/work/emergency phone numbers.

  • All events are notified via email to the membership.

  • As a member of High Lane, you can also “rent” the facilities for a private party. Please check with the office for further details and information.

  • No dogs are allowed on High Lane property. 

Billing Rules

  • A billing statement will be emailed to your primary email address on the first of each month.  

    • If monthly dues and/or any charges are late after the 15th of the month, accounts will be charged a $25.00 late fee.

  • ​Any member wishing to resign from the club must send a written letter addressed to the Board 30 days in advance.  

    • Accounts must be paid in full before a resignation or leave of absence is approved.             

Guest Rules and Fees

Guest Rules and Fees

  • Tennis courts, pickle ball court and pool are for the use of members only.  All guests must be registered.*

  • Guests must be accompanied by a member of The High Lane Club at all times.  

    • Each member who sponsors a guest must register the guest before using the pool, pickle ball or tennis courts.

      • (See below for instructions) 

    • Members are required to register guests at all times throughout the entire year.

    • Any member who wishes to have a guest must sign guest in at the pool main entrance gate, tennis shed or clubhouse.

      • Guest must be signed in regardless if an employee is working at the desk.

      • Guest forms are available in the black binder located on the desk by the pool deck at main entrance gate.

    • A HLC family is limited to a maximum of 4 guests per visit.

    • Guests are limited to two visits per month, regardless of who signs them in. 

    • No member unit may sponsor more than 4 guests on any one occasion.

    • Guests are not eligible to participate in swimming or tennis teams or in members’ tournaments, but seasonal guests may take swimming and tennis lessons.

    • Any guest who is new to swimming or unable to swim (unassisted) MUST remain in the shallow end with an adult.

    • Babysitters/caregivers are not charged as guests and do not have a limit on the number of times they can attend but must be in the presence of membership children when a parent/guardian is not able.

    • No pool parties are allowed on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) as we reserve these days for our HLC families.

    • A maximum number of non-member guests for a pool party during the weekday is 12 swimmers.

Guest Fees*

Guest Fees will be added to your HLC account/next monthly bill

  • Pool and tennis guest fee - $8.00 per guest

  • Pickle ball guest fee - $5.00 per guest

  • Family pool guest fee - $25.00

  • Combination tennis and pool day pass - $16 per guest, or $30 per family

    • On special events and holidays a fee of $15 per guest or $40 per family

Summer guest passes are available at the following rates.  Applications for a summer guest may be made through the office​

  • ​House guest weekly pass - $50.00 per person

  • House guest family weekly pass - $150.00

  • House guest monthly pass - $200.00 per person.

*There will be a charge of $25 levied against any member who does not register his/her guest.


Guest Sign In Procedures

Any member who wishes to have a guest must sign guest in at the pool main entrance gate, tennis shed or clubhouse.
Please note: Guest must be signed in regardless if an employee is working at the desk.


  • All tennis guests must be signed in at the tennis pro shop.

    • Please fill out a guest form found in the tennis mailbox attached to the pro shop.

Pickle ball

  • All pickle ball guests must be signed in at the clubhouse.

    • Guest slips can be found on desk nearest the deck facing the tennis courts.

    • Please list the guest’s name in the “comments” section of the Team Reach app so potential players have an accurate count of participants.


  • All pool guests must be signed in at the pool main entrance gate.

    • ​Guest forms are available in the black binder located on the desk by the pool deck at main entrance gate.

Pool Rules

Pool Rules

Please be attentive to your children in the pool area. Parents/caretakers are responsible for their child’s safety and well-being.

  • You may not be on either pool deck without lifeguards on duty.

    • You leave yourself and the club open to liability.  

    • Lifeguards give all directives on the pool deck, please be respectful of their decisions.

  • No running on the pool decks.

  • During thunderstorms the deck and surrounding play areas will be closed and reopen 30 minutes after the last thunder.

    • The Senior Lifeguard on duty is responsible for reopening.

  • Any child using the main pool must be 3 years old and toilet trained for at least three months.

    • ​Children wearing disposable swim diapers are NOT allowed in the main pool.
    • Disposable diapers must be worn at all times in the kiddie pool.

    • This "diaper rule" will be strictly enforced. 

    • Violation of these rules will result in a $300 fine.

  • Children with any floatation devices must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No tubes, noodles, barbells, etc. in the main pool, these are only allowed in pool for lessons or with adult use in the lap lanes.

  • No diving from the black line to the shallow end wall, no jumping over the stairs or sliding down the railing on the shallow end stairs.

  • No sitting or hanging on the lane lines, pulling on the flags, jumping backwards off the wall, or sitting/standing on kickboards (they are only used for kicking in the lap lanes), no cartwheels into the pool, no jumping on others or pushing others into the pool, kids cannot go on each other’s shoulders.

  • No jumping off blocks (reserved for swim team) or climbing on Lifeguard chairs.

  • Lap lanes are reserved for swimming laps.

  • Bathing suit/Swim attire must be worn (no normal clothing – shirts/etc.)

  • No FOOD or GLASS of any kind allowed on the pool deck.

    • Plastic bottles are allowed.

  • Please clean up after yourself and your family when leaving the pool deck (towels, clothes, toys, etc).

  • Consult the posted rules on the pool deck.

Diving Board Rules

  • One person on the board at a time.

  • Make sure area is clear under the board.

  • Only one bounce at the end of the board.

  • Jump/Dive off the front of the board (not to the side of the board)

  • No hanging on the end of the board.

  • No standing on the railings or running on the board.

  • Wait until the person before you reaches the ladder before use.

  • Must jump a safe distance away from the board (especially when doing a flip, etc.)

  • No swimming in the diving well (unless the board is closed for “gator”).

  • Share the board and be courteous to others!

Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules

Pickle ball rules


  • Court play is limited to 60 minutes, unless there is nobody waiting to play.  

    • You must sign in on Tennis board with your court's start time to secure court.  

    • People waiting to play should proceed to next available court.


  • Proper tennis attire and tennis shoes are required at all times on the tennis courts. Proper attire includes:

    • Tennis shorts, tennis skirts/dresses, and tee shirts.

      • Proper tennis attire does NOT include bathing suits, beach cover ups, long dress pants or jeans.

    • Tennis sneakers with flat soles are needed for all court play.

      • This rule applies to everyone including young children.

        • Flip Flops, work boots or casual flats may not be worn on the tennis courts.


  • Please play in a courteous manner, no use of profanity.

  • Upon entering or leaving your court, wait until the ball is no longer in play on any adjoining court.  

    • If a tennis ball comes on your court, players should return it to the original court once that court has ended play.

  • Any member interested in playing Pickleball should download the Team Reach app, and select HLCPB as your Group Code.

  • ​Each session of play is 90 minutes, and up to 6 people can receive court for that time period. Please consult Team Reach site for dates available.  

    • ​You can reserve time for an individual or a full court match

      • When reserving a time for a complete match, please have all participants reserve time on Team Reach application.

      • When reserving court as an individual you can see if any other members are interested/available for that time slot.

        • The Team Reach chat feature can be used to send message to the entire list of participants or DM a person directly.

      • Please provide playing ability when registering (beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, etc.).

      • ​When you are playing with your children under 14, please note in the comments section on your reservation.

  • Soft soled sneakers or athletic shoes only.

    • Please be sure to note any cancellation on the Team Reach app as soon as it is known.  

      • Volunteers are opening and closing the court, so respect their time and commitment.

  • Any questions, please email John Higgins at

Pickleball Procedure and Rules

Lounge Rules

Lounge Rules

  • Parents are responsible for the actions, safety and well-being of their children.

    • 12 years old and under cannot be in lounge without direct parental/childcare supervision.

  • Individuals who use the lounge are expected to clean up after themselves.

  • Must be respectful of club property in the lounge, such as the pool table and furniture. All should only be used for intended purposes.

  • Do not push, run or roughhouse inside the clubhouse.

  • Please turn off lights and electronics when no one is in the lounge.

Duckpin Bowling Rules

Duckpin Bowling Rules (Currently Unavailable)

  • No food or beverages are allowed in the alley at any time.

  • Clean dry sneakers can be worn in place of bowling shoes

    • No flip flops, boots, or high heels.

  • Bowling activity is to be supervised.  

    • There is to be one adult for every 4 to 6 children.

  • There is one bowler on a lane at a time.

  • A ball is not to be thrown until the previous ball has gone from sight (into the pit) and must not be thrown in the air.

  • A ball is never to be thrown if a red light is on.

    • The red light means the pin setter is in cycle.

    • The pin setter must complete the cycle, or damage to the machine can be incurred.

Kitchen Rules

Kitchen Rules

  • There is not a functioning kitchen. 

  • The refrigerator/freezer is for member use.

  • The kitchen is to be cleaned after each use.

    • Left over food must be thrown in the waste receptacles.

    • Dirty dishes and utensils must be washed and put away.

  • Any member who is found in violation of the Member Rules/Policies will be held accountable as deemed appropriate by the Board of Governors at the High Lane Club.

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