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Membership Details

We are a year-round club with family and adult activities scheduled during each month of the year!

Interested in joining the club? To apply for membership,  prospective members must submit a Membership Application  along with a Membership Recommendation and/or Letter of Endorsement from a current member serving as your sponsor. 

High Lane Club Membership Rates.*

Single with Family              
Senior Couple (70+)                 
Senior Single (70+)                  
*Rates are subject to change

$179.50 monthly/ $2,154 yearly
$162.15 monthly/ $1,945.80 yearly
$153.99 monthly/ $1,847.88 yearly
$137.77 monthly/ $1,653.24 yearly
$100 monthly/ $1,200 yearly
$85.68 monthly/ $1,028.16 yearly

The standard initiation fee, plus 3 months dues or an annual payment, are required to commence membership once your membership has been approved. The standard initiation fee is $1400.00 after May 1st.  Please see the Membership Promotions section below for a listing of discounted initiation fees if joining prior to May 1st. Please note that a 5% discount is applied to annual memberships when paid in full.


To cover unexpected, emergent costs, the High Lane Club may charge assessment fees, as determined by the Board of Directors.


Membership dues will be due by noon on the 15th of each month. Payments received after noon on the 15th will be subjected to a late fee of $25.00.

Need to update the club on information about yourself including your babysitter's name? Please fill out :

Any further questions regarding membership, or if you have not received an application response, email

Membership Promotion!

Unwrap the Gift of Memories!
Purchase a family membership today with our Membership Promotion!
A limited amount of new club memberships are now available.

Join with no initiation fee ($1385 savings) during the months of:  November, December and January!
…Still Undecided?
Join in February 15th, pay February dues plus a $400 initiation
Join by March 15th pay March dues plus a $750 initiation
Join by April 15th pay April dues plus an $1100 initiation

The standard initiation fee of $1400 will be charged on any new membership from May 1st- October 31st.

Our best promoters are the members, for every new membership you sponsor, you will receive a ONE month credit on dues! Bring in 2 memberships receive TWO months credit on dues! (discount will be applied upon receipt of new members first payment or initiation fee.)

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